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Windows 98 is not just Windows 95 plus Internet Explorer 4.0. There are about 11 major items that have been improved.

1. Smart Setup, Easy Upgrades: The retail version of Windows 98 will include three years?worth of patches, bug fixes, updated drivers and enhanced features on one CD.

2. Better Crash Protection: The most noteworthy Windows 98 improvement in the stability category is the completely rewritten System Information utility. By gathering information from the Registry, from startup files and from running applications, it presents a complete picture of the current system configuration.

3. Better Storage Management: At a nickel per megabyte, the disk space youíll recover by converting a typical 2GB drive to the FAT32 format will pay for a major chunk of the Windows 98 upgrade cost.

4. Slightly Faster Performance: Most of Win98ís core components have been fine-tuned for performance: The swap file manages itself more intelligently. A built-in Registry Checker compacts the system Registry when needed. The memory management and cache modules are tuned to work optimally with FAT32ís 4K clusters.

5. Better Startup: Windows 98 is far more helpful than Windows 95 when you have startup problems. A corrupt hardware driver can still keep your system from booting -- but only once thanks to the Automatic Skip Driver agent.

6. Notebook Power Consumption Control: Windows 98 gives you total control over your notebookís power consumption, and if your system is less than a year old youíll experience major benefits by upgrading.

   7. Dual-Monitor Support: Windows 98 now supports 2 video cards to display different screen at 2 different monitors !  Imagine one screen displays one document and the other screen displays another presentation page.   The impact on games will also be interesting.
8. Better Phone Control: Look in the Windows 98 Control Panel and youíll find a Telephony icon, packed with nifty features designed to help your PC get along better with the telephone network.

9. Web TV Support: :Microsoft is integrating Web TV into Windows 98. Web TV for Windows works with the Windows Task Scheduler, allowing you to set reminders for shows you want to record.

10. Plug and Play Works (Finally): Plug and Play is still imperfect, but it works much, much better in Windows 98 than ever before.

11. Troubleshooting Wizards Windows 98 includes 15 built-in, interactive                Troubleshooting Wizards. These Wizards walk you through a series of questions and give you step-by-step procedures designed to solve both simple and advanced technical issues. The Troubleshooting Wizards included in Windows 98 address a variety of areas, such as
Networking, Modems, Printing, Memory, Hardware Conflicts, and PC Cards.  

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Last Update : 4/29/2003       

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