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Manufacturing Consulting Services

J.D. Research, Inc., offers consulting services to high volume OEM customers in the areas of:

  • Plastic injection & metal stamping enclosures.
  • PCB layout/manufacturing and SMT placements.  We have seasoned project engineers that can help you to coordinate with S.M.T. production lines, which are fully automatic integrated surface processing, in-circuit testers (ICT) with HP test jet technology, and automatic inserting and testing facilities.
  • Complete product level contract manufacturing consultation from enclosure, electronic parts sourcing, PCB layout, PCB assembly with high speed SMT line, final complete product assembly, and detail product level testing (based on provided procedures)
  • IrDA Infrared Drive integration to desktop PC's case:
    • We will work with you to modify your existing case to build-in an IrDA Infrared Drive, or
    • We can design and manufacture a new case front plate for you.
  • Custom cables and connectors

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