Installing the Infrared Drive in your computer is easy and should take no more than a few minutes to complete. Please follow these instructions closely:

    1. Make sure your computer is turned off.
    2. Remove the PC case cover.
    3. Locate the IrDA connector on the motherboard. Generally the IrDA connector is on the outer edge of the motherboard and is labeled "IR", "Infrared port", or "IrDA." Refer to your motherboard manual for the precise location and the actual pin-out assignment.
    4. Insert each of the IR cable's wires into the corresponding pin on the motherboard's IrDA connector.
The IR cable that comes with your Infrared Drive's is individually-pinned.  Refer to your motherboard manuel for the IrDA connector's pin assignment before inserting the pins.  Warning: incorrect cabling may cause permanent damage on the Infrared Drive and/or the motherboard.

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