Model: ATX-250


250W Computer Power Supply
Supports AMD and Intel Pentium 3,4 systems
Manual shut-down I/O rocker switch built-in

SHARK TECHNOLOGY® ATX-250 250-Watt power supply combines an efficient layout with proven switching design to provide the most reliable and cool running power source for your valuable hardware.   

It is designed to be an ideal easy-to-install replacement power supply choice for most name brand desktop PC.

    Product Specifications

  • Maximum Power Output: 250W
  • Will not over-heat
  • Manual shut-down rocker switch
  • Mesh fan-guard for child safety protection
  • Input: 100-127V AC or 200-240V AC - selectable by switch
  • Low Noise Operating Fan -- 36dB (Max) under ambient noise of 32db and test distance of 1 meter
  • Efficiency: Typical 65% @ full load

 Complete 5*StarTM system protection:
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Under Voltage Protection
  • Over Current Protection
    • Short Circuit Protection
    • Over Power Protection

115V/230V - 60/50Hz

    Connectors Summary

1 x 20pin Main
      Power Connector
1 x 12V (P4)
       Power Connector
4 x Peripheral
      Power Connector
1 x Floppy Drive
      Power Connector


Upgrade Replacement Cross Reference List

Mechanical design may vary from model to model.  If you are concern with having a perfect fit with your system, please pay close attention to to following mechanical detail:
mechanical drawingDimension:
3 3/8" (height) x 5 7/8" (width)  x  4 5/32" (depth)

  Upgrade /Replacement for these Power Supply Models:

Hewlett Packard HP Spare PNs:

HP 0950-2700 (145W)
HP 0950-2800
HP 0950-3426
HP 0950-3623 (160WP3)
HP 0950-3751 (185W Chewbaka Plus)
HP 0950-3949, 0950-3971, 0950-3975
HP 5183-6914 Power Supply
HP 5184-3961 (185W Chewbaka Plus
HP 0950-4270 (150WPS3)
HP 0950-4106 (200W - BST ATX-1956D B1/B2)
HP 0950-4107 (200W w/PFC)
HP 0950-3253 (145W Astec SA147-3505)
HP 0950-3623 (160WP3)
HP 0950-3426 (Check your case for AC plug alignment)
HP 0950-3751 (185W Chewbaka Plus)
HP 5183-6914, 5184-3961 (185W Chewbaka Plus)
HP 5187-5008, 5187-1098, 332863-001

SA147-3505 145W (SA1473505)
Astec AA20360 (check power connector layout on back of case first)

ATS-100 (ats100), ATS-150 (ats150)
Bestec ATX-1956D B1 (0950-4106, 200W) - (atx1956d)
Bestec ATX-1956D B2 (0950-4106, 200W) - (atx1956d)
Bestec ATX-1956F (0950-4107, 200W w/PFC) - (atx1956f)
Bestec ATX-250-12Z , ATX-250-12E,
ATX-250-12E REV:P7, ATX-250-12Z, ATX-250-12Z REV:D3R

Replacement Power Supply for Compaq;
Model(s): 254475-001
Compaq; Model(s): 173609-001 (145W ATX)
Compaq; Model(s): 174871-001
Compaq; Model(s): 332829-001
Compaq; Model(s): 201828-001 (200W ATX)

DPS-110-110MB-1 & Jedi-LC and Yoda DPS-110MB-1 A (110W - Centerd AC Plug)
Delta DPS-145PB-112 (dps145pb)
Delta DPS-160GB B Rev 01 - (Chewbaka Plus DLT160GB1 01,DPS160GB,5184-3961 )
Delta DPS-200PB-74 B(Ridgeview III, 145W - 0950-2700)
Delta DPS-200PB-74 B Rev:02 (150w)
Delta  DPS-200PB-89 D (ATX 145W no 4p)
Delta DPS-200PB-103 E
Delta DPS-200PB-139 A /
Delta DPS-200PB-142 Series
DELTA DPS-110-110 MB-1
Delta DPS-145PB-112
Delta DPS-180KB Series
Delta DPS-200PB-112 Series 

Enhance SFX-2020

EN-8156901 (150W with extra 6 pin Enlight case connector)
Enlight ATS150 (150W with extra 6 pin Enlight case connector)

Micro ATX-180BKV
Micro ATX-182HP
Micro ATX-V182HP

HIPRO HP-A2027F3 (hpa2027f3)
HIPRO HP-A2007A3 Rev 02
HIPRO FO-A1463-X5, HP-D2537F3R

Power Man / In Win
IPS-1806CV-60 (180W)
Power Man / In Win LPS-1806DV-20 (180W)
Power Man / In Win IW-P180B2-0 (180W)
PC100 PS150a
PC100 PS150
Toshiba Spare Part Number:

ATX-2000 ATX-2500 SI-C200

How to use these compatibility data here:
If your current power supply model is listed above, you usually can use this SHARK TECHNOLOGY® ATX-250 as a replacement unit whether your PC system's model is listed below or not.  The following PC system models are only a partial list of compatible models.
NOTE: Compatibility list is for reference and is subject to change without notice.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) System:
HP Pavilion 4402 /4402H /4403 /4404 /4404H /4405 /4407 /4407H /4409 /4409H /4410 /4410H /4411 /4411H /4413 /4413H /4415 /4416 / 4420 /  4416H /4422 /4422H /4430 /4433 /4433 /4435 /4440 /4443 /4445 /4450 /4453 /4456 /4458 /4460 /4463/ 4473 /4483 /4509 /4510 /4512 /4515 /4530 /4533 /4535 /4536 /4550Z /4553Z /4563Z /304w /510d /510k4/ 510t /544n / 701 /703c /710 /713c /716n /750 /750N /751N /724c /725n /733n /734n /735n /742c /743c /743g /744v /746c /750 /751 /751n /752c /752n /752w /753c /753n /754n /754v /755v /760 /761 /761c/ 763c /763n /764c /764n /764x /780n/ 6508 /6511 /6615 /6532 /6553 /6563Z /6573Z /6623 /6633C /6640C /6643 /6646C/ 6648C /6653C /6657 /68XX /6913 /7842 /7851 /7852 /7857 /7859 /7861 /7862 /7864 /7875 /78XX Shell/ 7900 CTO /7905 /7920 /7931 /7932 /7939 /7940 /7941 /7947 /7953 /7957 /8656c /8770c /XT860 /XT865 /XT878 /XT936  / 9800 CTO /XE730 /XE743 /XE839 / 793c / 794c / 794n / 7965 / 7975/ 8533Z / 854

HP Pavilion a110m, a110t, a200m, a200n, a200t, a200y, a205v, a206x, a207m, a210e, a210n, a210y, a220n, a230n, a244w, a245c, a250e, a250n, a250y, a282n, a287x, a288n, a290n, a296n, a300n, a300y, a302x, a305w, a306x, a307x, a310e, a310n, a316n, a317x, a320n, a324x, a330n, a335w, a336n, a340n, a342n, a345c, a345w, a347x, a350y, a362n, a365c, a367c, a375c, a376x, a384x, a387x, a400n, a400y, a404x, a405n, a406x, a408x, a410e, a410n, a410y, a414x, a418x, a420n, a424x, a430n, a434n, a442n, a445c, a445w, a446x, a450e, a450n, a450y, a462x, a465c, a465w, a475c, a500n, a500y, a510e, a510n, a518x, a520n, a522n, a523x, a524x, a527x, a530e, a530n, a532x, a535w, a545c, a550e, a556x, a562n, a564n, a566n, a574n, a600n, a600y, a602x, a605x, a610e, a610n, a610y, a612x, a614n, a618x, a620n, a622n, a624x, a635w, a636n, a640n, a642n, a643n, a645c, a645w, a646c, a647c, a650e, a650y, a656x, more . . .

HP Pavilion 900 CTO, 901 CTO, 950 CTO, 951 CTO, 9760, 9795C, 97XX, 9800 CTO, 980xa CTO, 9810, 9850, 9851, 9853, 9855, 9870, 9871, 9880, 9895, 9900 CTO, 9905 CTO, 9910, 9910 CTO, 9971, 9977, 9995, XV799, XV880, XV886, XV888, SV976, VX998, more . . .

HP Media Center PC 896C

Compaq Computer System:
Presario 6288AP /6300US /6301RSH /6310US /6320US /6324SE /6325CL /6326SE /6330US /6331RSH /6333OM /6350US /  6351RSH /6370US /6400NX /6401RSH /6404US /6410NX /6412US /6415CL /6420NX /6421US /6422SE /6430NX /  6433US /6435CL /6450NX /6454NX /6470NX /6473SA /6475CL /6485CL /P8654A /P8654Q /P8654B /P8654C /  P8654D /P8654P /P8655G /P8655H /P8654E /P8654F /P8654G /P8654H

Compaq Presario 6000T, 8000T, S3000T, S3000V, S3000Z, S4000J, S4000T, S4000V, S4000Z, S5000J, S5000T, S5000V, S6000T, S6000V, S6000Z, S6010V, S3000NX, S3010CL, S3030RK, S3030US, S3040SE, S3100NX, S3200NX, S3300NX, S3310CL, S3310OM, S3500CL, S4000NX, S4010CL, S4010OM, S4020WM, S4030NX, S4040SE, S4100NX, S4110CL, S4200NX, S4210NX, S4214BD, S4220NX, S4300CL, S4500NX, S5000CL, S5008NX, S5010NX, S5140WM, S5020NX, S5030NX, S5200CL, S5314ST, S5322CC, S5410NX, S6000CL, S6030NX, S6100NX, S6010NX, S6020WM, S6104NX, S6200CL, S6220WM, S6300NX, S6306RC, S6308NX, S6500NX, S6700CL, S6700NX, S6900NX, S7300CL, SR1000T, SR1000V, SR1000Z, SR1010V,
SR1010NX, SR1011NX, SR1012NX, SR1020NX, SR1030NX, SR1033WM, SR1034NX, SR1044BB, SR1050NX, SR1053WM, SR1055CL, SR1090NX, SR1102BD, SR1103WM, SR1110NX, SR1111NX, SR1112BD, SR1113NX, SR1114NX, SR1115CL, SR1120NX, SR1123WM, SR1124NX, SR1130NX, SR1132CU, SR1135CL, SR1150NX, SR1170NX

eMachine Models:                                                                    

1670, 1763, 100744 used in Emachine models A26EV17F, C1641, C1844, C1904, C2160, C2280, C2480, C2684, C2685, C2825, D2046, D2244, D2246, D2266, D2346, D2386, D2586, D2685, H2341, H2482, H2542, H2602, H2615, H2642, H2742, H2825, N1840, N1845, N2040, N4010, S1642, S1862, S1940, S2482, S2485, T1140, T1150, T1220, T1221, T1300, T1360, T1440, T1600, T1740, T1742, T1840, T1842, T1860, T1862, T1980, T2040, T2042, T2080, T2082, T2085, T2200, T2200SE, T2240, T2245, T2260, T2341, T2385, T2460, T2482, T2484, T2542, T2596, T2605, T2615, T2625, T2642, T2672, T2682, T2692, T2698, T2742, T2778, T2792, T2796, T2798, T2824, T2825, T2842, T2865, T2882, T2885, T2895, T2984, T3042, T3114, T3256, T4060, T4080, T4170, T4480, T4510, T4511, T4697, W1500, W1640, W1700, W1800, W2040, W2047, W2060, W2247, W2060, W2247, W2260, W2646, W2686, W2785, W2888, W4065, W4682, and more.

If your system is not listed but the power supply needed to be replaced is Bestec model ATX-250-12E, you can buy this unit.

Retail Version Packaging


  • Retail box complete with UPC bar-code.
  • UPC: 0897101000080

(System builder bulk pack version is available)

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