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Sept 8, 2017
Updated: SHARK TECHNOLOGY 600W PSU now comes in color retail box
July 4, 2017
New:  SHARK TECHNOLOGY   600W  Quiet 120mm Blue LED Fan ATX 12V PSU
Dec 20, 2016
New:  SHARK TECHNOLOGY   1000W Active PFC Quiet 120mm Blue LED Fan ATX/EPS 12V
May 24, 2015 Upgraded: SHARK TECHNOLOGY 650W PSU now supports 8pin board
June 25, 2014
Updated: SHARK TECHNOLOGY 600W PSU now supports 8pin board
June 18,2014
Updated: SHARK TECHNOLOGY 250W PSU now supports 24pin board
June 1,2014 New:  SHARK TECHNOLOGY 500W PC Power Supply with 4-SATA
Nov 8, 2013
New:  SHARK TECHNOLOGY 550W PC Power Supply 6-pin PCI-e & 4-SATA
Sept 3,2012
New:  SHARK TECHNOLOGY 750W Intel i3/i5/i7 ATX Power Supply 6/8-pin PCI-e
Nov 18,2011 New: SHARK TECHNOLOGY 750W Fanless-Like Quiet i7 ATX power supply
Nov 10,2011 New: SHARK TECHNOLOGY 650W PC ATX power supply
Oct 31,2011 Updated: SHARK TECHNOLOGY 550W power supply now shipped in single version.
Oct 19,2011 New: SHARK TECHNOLOGY 200W FLEX ATX 1U power supply
Sep26,2011 New: SHARK TECHNOLOGY 1000W Computer power supply

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