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Cellular Phones
(this is just a sample of huge selection of phones that come with an IrDA port)

IrDA Infrared Drive allows your PC
to synchronize (download and upload) your desktop personal organizer such as Outlook and Palm Desktop with all phones that come equipped with an IrDA port.  You can now even download ringstone from your PC to your cell phone wirelessly for free !

Additional models with infrared port:

Palm Treo 800w smartphone

Nokia 5700 Xpress Music

Sony Ericsson P1i

NOKIA 6110

NOKIA 6150

NOKIA 7110

NOKIA 8210

NOKIA 8810

NOKIA 8850

NOKIA 6210

NOKIA 6250

NOKIA 8890

NOKIA 3360

NOKIA 9110 Communicator

NOKIA 9110i Communicator

NOKIA 9210 Communicator

Ericsson A1018s

Ericsson A2618s

Ericsson R310s

Ericsson R320s

Ericsson T10s

Ericsson T18s

Ericsson T28s

Ericsson CF 688

Ericsson CF 788

Ericsson SH 888

Ericsson T630

Ericsson Z600

Ericsson T39

Ericsson T68

Motorola Timeport L7082

Motorola Timeport L7089

Motorola Timeport P7389

Motorola L-7089 tri-band phone

Motorola Tai-Chi PDA phone

Samsung SGH-A100

Samsung SGH-A110

Siemens S40

There are almost more than one hundred phone models equipped with IrDA infrared port !

Link to more comprehensive lists provided by third party site: 


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