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The Infrared Drive frame is available in both 3.5" and 5.25" form factors. 
It is designed to be easily installed in any spare drive bay, like a CD ROM or floppy drive.


3.5" Frame ONLY

buy 3.5" ir drive frame $10.00

3.5" Frame ONLY (Black Panel)

black ir drive frame 3.5" $10.00

Enjoy wireless data transfer up to 6 feets away at speed up to 115.2kbps with a notebook, printer, digital camera, cellular phone, pager, or any other IrDA compliant electronic product* !  If your motherboard  supports FIR (Fast Infrared), an optional 4Mb FIR cable can be used in replacement of the standard IR cable and Individually-pinned IR Cable to achieve maximum speed of 4Mbps -- that is 35 times faster than 115.2kbps !

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