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1. Complete this form above the dash line. (please print or type) 2. Fax it back with your invoice(s). 3. We will fax back this form to you with a RMA# assigned (upper right hand corner of this form) 4. Ship the units to "RMA department". Be sure to write the RMA # on the box.

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RMA Conditions

(1) Warranties are effective from the date of the original invoice, not from RMA invoice. (2) All warranties will be deemed void if returned products have any physical, electrical, electrostatic damage,or have been installed in incompatable systems. (3) Serial numbers on invoice(s) must match those on returned products. (4) Defective products must be received first before they can be replaced. (5) Returns without an approved RMA number or without freight prepaid will be refused and shipped back at customer's own cost. (6) A flat fee of $25.00 plus freight will be assessed to Buyer for any claimed defective products where no problem is found or the problem can be solved by BIOS or software update. A labor rate of $65.00 per hour plus parts used for repair and return freight will be charged to Buyer for out-of-warranty products or products defective from misuse, neglect, or improper environment. (7) J. D. Research, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any RMA if any of the above conditions are not met. 8) For details, please see our Terms and Conditions of Sales at http://www.jdresearch.com/terms.htm

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