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The USB IrDA Infrared Adapter works pretty much the same way as the IrDA Infrared Drive. Although it is not 100% plug-n-play like the Infrared Drive, it is designed to be easily installed to your system. Upon inserting to your PC's USB port, Windows can immediately detects a new device being connected to the system. All you have to do next is to supply Windows with the location of the driver file. And the rest is pretty much done automatically.

The USB IrDA Infrared Adapter allows users who have an extra USB port to easily add IrDA infrared port without having have to open up the computer case.

Plug the USB connector of IrDA Adapter to USB port of motherboard.

Driver Installation (Plug-N-Play under Windows Vista & 7.  No need to download driver)

Download USB IrDA Adapter Driver

Extract all files to a designated directory.

Plug the USB Connector of the IrDA USB Adapter to an USB port of your PC. Windows will auto detect a new hardware.

Locate the correct directory of the driver files you just unziped & extracted. Choose the appropriate choice of operation syatem you are currently using.

Windows will install driver to your computer automatically.

The USB IrDA Adapter is ready for operation after restarting the computer.

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