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No More Taking Memory Card in and out !
Cool Visual: like the flash animation above, the Infrared Drive has a built-in red LED that will provide visual clue when it is working!  When it is transferring data, it will flash quickly.  Otherwise, it blinks every few seconds showing that it is scanning for any IrDA IR device in range.

Add wireless data transfer capability to your PC !

Your PC can now:

Easy Installation

The Infrared Drive will make the IR connector (a.k.a. Infrared or IrDA connector) on your motherboard a fully functional IrDA infrared port.  Simply connect the IR cable (included) to your motherboard's IR connector, enable your IrDA port in CMOS, and Windows will install the driver and application software for you automatically !

Don't worry if you are still using Windows 95.  An software diskette for Windows 95 system is included in every Infrared Drive retail package.  Your Infrared Drive will work just as good and just as fast under Windows 95.


  • The Infrared Drive is fully supported by Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Linux (with proper Linux driver).
  • When software application such as IrDA Remote Control is installed, some TV remote control units can be used to control your Infrared Drive equipped Media Player/Media Center based PC.
  • The Infrared Drive is supported by LapLink 7.5 under Windows 95/98.  LapLink provides remote control and printing capabilities to another computer via infrared.  LapLink is not a required software to operate the Infrared Drive.
  • There is no limit in the transfer file size.
  • Files transfer under total darkness or broad day light.
  • The maximum data transfer speed with the standard IR cable is 115.2kbps, in both directions.  The maximum data transfer with the optional FIR cable is 4Mbps.
  • The minimum range of communication is 1 meter (or about 3 feet).  When working with another desktop PC or a notebook computer, a range distance of up to 6~10 feet may be achieved.
  • It is tested by Intel's motherboard division for complete compatibility.
  • The Infrared Drive was tested and approved by Intel's motherboard division in 1997 to be compatible with its IrDA connector design.  Today, most motherboard manufacturers follow Intel in equipping motherboards with an IrDA connector.
  • The Infrared Drive is durable:
  • - MTBF Greater than 512,000 Hours at an Ambient Temperature of 60oC
    - Greater than 55 years under continuous operation


  • IBM-compatible (P166 or faster)
  • 32MB of RAM or greater

Available Form Factors:

The Infrared Drive is available in both 3.5" and 5.25" form factors. 
It is designed to be easily installed in any spare drive bay, like a CD ROM or floppy drive.

3.5" form factor

3.5" form factor (Black Color)

5.25" form factor

3.5" IR Drive retail $25.00
Retail package includes (from left to right): 
Quick Installation Reference Sheet, Warranty Registration card (US only),
The Infrared Drive, Individually-pinned IR Cable, 4 mounting screws.

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